Crypto Market Cap needs to reach 3 Trillion

I traded the internet bubble back in the go-go 90's. It was fun, it was profitable, and it was educational. I'm not the only one to notice we're witnessing Internet 2.0. It's pretty obvious what is going on, not only with the asset prices, but also with the technological revolution. 

For the last year I've been telling anyone who would listen for the last year that blockchain was the internet in 1994. 20 years later and apparently I am not the only one who's noticing the parallels. The Coinbase CEO comes along and says my line more eloquently“Digital currency right now is having its Netscape moment” declared Coinbase chief executive Brian Armstrong at the Ethereal Summit" .  @laurashin article here

The internet bubble peaked out in 2000 with a market cap north of 3 trillion dollars. I would argue that what is going on in internet 2.0 (the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, cryptoeconomics, and all the trimmings) is experiencing faster uptake on a bigger (more global) scale.  

Note that the internet required an entire new infrastructure and thus was fairly constrained by the building and improving of a new Internet superhighway.  Even today I'm still waiting to upgrade to google fiber! Internet 2.0 piggybacks this existing infrastructure. We're not waiting on hardware or sites, we're transforming theory and ideas into crypto-economics and powerful decentralized systems that will disrupt 50-100 year old institutions in no time. This can and will grow across the globe at unimaginable speed.

Also, Internet 2.0 has perfect timing. It is doing all this during a time of decreasing trust and satisfactions with governments and the systems (word intentionally loaded) they protect. 

Calling this a bubble right now is a fools errand. There is much much more going on here, and its going to happen  faster than anyone imagined.