Re-entering ETH

Three unrelated things converged in the last week of July and first day of August:

  1. 25 years of trading and watching charts prompted me to slowly start adding back my core position between 190-220 (USDETH).  That, and I felt naked. I would rather lose the money than be disconnected from the next big thing. (While I don’t play cards in Vegas, I do take specific risks where reward is asymmetric.)
  2. Amid all the calls in the news, on reddit, and in my own trader chat channels of a massive unsustainable bubble, and now with money back at risk, I needed to learn much much more. 
  3. The last few days of a vacation (along with a very understanding girlfriend) afforded me some time to read, listen, and pontificate aloud about this emerging force. 

While I've owned BTC and ETH for well over a year now, owning some crypto currency is simply not enough participation for me. There is something so much bigger going on here, and I need to be more connected to it.