Is Bitcoin a bubble?

Sometimes getting smart means realizing you are not remotely as smart about some things as a few other people. The new blockchain field is full of visionaries who are drastically going to reshape our future. 

As with any rising tide, there are hacks, phonies, and scammers.  However, those with a little trading/bubble experience can usually sniff these things out if they care to read and research. It also goes without saying that there are always thieves when there is something to steal.

The geniuses at work here are so obviously different than the fakers and scammers. The problems they are solving, should astound mere mortals like you and I. But to this new class of entrepreneur, it's not even these problems themselves that they are trying to solve. The problems are simply necessary hurdles to be overcome to design the system they are trying to birth. Systems that will change every facet of our lives before you and I even think to blink. 

In order to understand and explain Physics, Newton had to create calculus. He invented a byproduct! You think Bitcoin is a bubble because it is at 3000? You haven’t looked at the calculus.