Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, and the future

I’ve spent the last 5 days of my vacation reading, thinking and talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchains, and the future.  I’ve invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum for well over a year now. As a long time trader I know that there's nothing like having money at stake, no matter how small, to force you to pay attention. 

Unnecessary Background:

And pay attention I have. I’ve paid attention through the FBI’s takedown of Silkroad and the Bitcoin shame that followed, through the Bitfinex hack, through the DAO hack and Ethereum split, and now through what most now call a bubble of epic proportions.

Encouraging Luck

I got lucky. Perhaps with great profits comes great responsibility. Even a year ago I believed this technology to be the internet in 1994. (It's now the internet in 1996 if you’re wondering, because things move 2x as fast now, but more on that later.) However after learning from the Dotcom crash, a few months ago, I saw the increased volatility between 300-400 ETH, and sold everything - even my core position.  Like I said, I got lucky.

But was this just a massive bubble that has popped? Is it just a byproduct of Fed induced drunken stupor?  Is it the rise of the nerdy gold-bugs? Are all these "tokens" and cryptocurrencies complete BS? Is only the block chain valuable rather than any of the coins themselves? Is it over? 

Look no further than two of my chat channels, and these questions are daily fodder from both experienced traders, and well as the highly intelligent code-savvy tech millennials that read about the DotCom era in high school history class. I count myself fortunate to have both a few keystrokes away...

We're just getting started